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Since its inception, Alpha Laboratories has delivered high quality health service to health care professionals and patients. Now in our 40th year, we have not wavered from our customer focused mission – from our origins in medical laboratories and pharmaceutical product testing; to our current evolution into a diverse group of companies that now encompasses medical art centres, medical clinics, diagnostic imaging testing and integrated information software solutions. We are committed to putting patient health first and delivering the highest standards in quality patient care.

Alpha Laboratories Pharma/Industrial Division has the people, technology, and expertise to help you meet regulatory requirements for your new product(s). Our state-of-the-art Labs are highly equipped to meet a broad range of testing and analysis procedures. Our Laboratory Information system is used to tightly control and document processes and results to ensure traceability and compliance. The Laboratory’s team of dedicated staff, directors, research technicians and scientific consultants are experts experienced in meeting a broad range of technical challenges and committed to achieving the highest level of quality.

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